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WINS is a Faculty of Science initiative, and will have active participants from the Departments of Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Biology, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.  It is anticipated that the membership will be expanded at a later time to include individuals from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.  Materials and Biomaterials has been designated one of the core theme area in the Academic Plan of the Faculty of Science. The establishment of WINS can therefore be viewed as a natural evolution of the Academic Plan in that the mandate of WINS is to integrate and expand UWO Science's already distinguished efforts in the interdisciplinary fields of materials at the nanoscale.
WINS has three main objectives:
1.) To provide a cohesive presence and collective vision for the departments, laboratories and facilities that presently work on nanomaterials.
2.) To develop a graduate program in Materials and Biomaterials sciences. This will be strongly integrated with the undergraduate programs in the same area recently introduced by the Faculty of Science
3.) To serve as an organization where UWO researchers in materials science will be able to meet, interact and collaborate effectively, as as a communication link to the outside world.


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